GA FEEDBACK check out some of the responses I've had from the abominate - people contributing or just telling the forge just how much they laughed.....

As I get so much of it, I present here feedback from GA readers. You can check out their comments and witness just how much they spilled their guts out laughing at the GA.

Never before has an animation so quickly moved me to tears.
- Andew @ 3dlight (talking about mad midget)

Every time I am fed up working am I take (another) look at you site I feel a lot better.The graphics combined with the commentory are ultimate humor. I fond something for you to keep up the good work.
Jetze van Beijma

I found your website "GALLERIE ABOMINATE" at about 2am in the morning. My
roommate found my lifeless body at about 2:30 doubled over and caked with
snot and tears from laughing myself into a coma.
- Sabathius

This is seriously one of the funniest sites on the net. I was falling off my chair with laughter and I was lookin at this site all by myself. Total thumbs up for the Darth Maul and the STUPID dead cat animations...that look was CLASSIC! Thanks for putting this page together and I'll be back often to check for updates. The part that makes me laugh most is how these people use these in professional portfolios...hahahah...seriously get a F!#$ing CLUE...thanks Jackal

Your Galerie Abominate is absolutely wonderful!! I hope I never see my
work displayed there!

Best regards,

congratulations for the new additions to galery abominate. I barely recovered from laughing madly now, so I can send you some stuff...

I can honestly say that I have not, in the last 10 years, laughed much harder than I did when I spent half an hour in your inspired Gallery Abominate. Darth Maul very nearly gave me a serious cardio-pulmonary episode. The whole art department (and even a few programmers) were forced to their knees in hysterics- and we fully intend to let our publisher know that any slippage in our game is largely down to time spent gasping for breath in front of your site.

"You are onto something really, really big here, my friend. Thanks for the most excellent view into the heart of lameness and vapidity." 

I am getting in touch with you after visiting 'The Forge', its a top site! I found it last night about midnight on my search for some tips on a problem, 2 hours later I'm still there and pissing myself after finding the abominable gallery:- excellent fun
Alex Horton, Glasgow School of Art.

hahaha :) great stuff.. horrible horrible horrible! can't wait to see more! thanks,
Jason (alias wavefront)

I just had a look at that terrible "Sunday matinee" clip in you Gallerie Abominate. I don't know that I can offer a caption, but I have to wonder if the animator has in fact ever seen somebody walk. Not only is the stride far too long, but the character's arms are swinging the wrong way! In fact, I'd say that the only redeeming quality of the animation is that it distracts the eye from everything else that's wrong with the scene. Anyway, thanks very much for providing a site to make the rest of us feel better about our work! -
Ed, Engineering Animation, Inc.

do you have the Clockwork Dog movie you could email me? I searched the AFX site (it sucked) and couldn't find it. Even if they do good animations, they suck for making you take it down. Thanks,

Richard.. man I just have to tell ya your site kicks ass I swear it had everyone in my company cracking up all day.. we really loved MAUL ON SPEED AND ICE great stuff man.. thanks

hey buddy, i just wanna say that your comments in your abomination gallery crack me up!! there hell funny!!

Canīt get enough of your Gallerie Abominate MORE MORE MORE B)) CU

I really dig you site
ROSS @ BlueSky Studios

Your Galerie Abominate is absolutely wonderful!! I hope I never see my work displayed there! Best regards,


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