Body Story 2* (working title) will air in Spring 2001.

Body Story is a six part series, 4 x 30 minute programmes and 2 x one hour programmes.
Air date: To be completed December 2000 (series completes February 2001)

Client: Wall To Wall Television for Channel 4, the Discovery Channel and ITEL
Directors: Daniel Percival & Leanne Klein
Producer: Dan Gluckman
Post production: The Moving Picture Company

CG Supervisors: Richard Morris, Jim Radford, Chas Jarrett

Animators: Glen Swetez, Lars Johansson, John Leonti, Jon Attenborough, Russell Appleford, Adam Lucas, Tony Thorne, Kevin Modeste, John Kay, Rory Marks, Martin Heigan, Ben Sheperd, Max Solomon

Programming: Jonathan Stroud, Peter Grecian, William Geiger

Computer Systems
: James Pearson, Stewart Anderson

Compositing: Paul O'Shea, Greg Slater, Yelena Stojanvoic, Danny Etherington, Mark Stannard

Design: Richard Morris & Robin Shaw

Art Direction: Robin Shaw & Sean Schur

Production: Asher Edwards & Gilbert James

Hardware: Silicon Graphics, Linux Rendering, Inferno, Fire
Software: Maya, RenderMan, Shake, Proprietary Software, Inferno, Fire